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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

19 days 'til election – Media and Non-Violence

Yesterday, I attended an all candidates debate at the McGill library in north Burnaby and had a CPAC interview at Edmonds skytrain station where I was campaigning. You can watch these programs this weekend (Friday or Saturday night for CPAC, and Sunday night 8:00 on channel 4 for the all candidates debate).

At the debate, the recurring theme is that the Conservatives (Marc Dalton, Paul Forseth) and the NDP (Libby Davies, Dawn Black) have taken a liking to quite a few of the Green Parties policies. I think this is a great sign that our ideas are what most Canadians agree with so the other parties can’t help but adopt them. The problem that a voter runs into is that not all parties agree with all of the Green’s policies, so you are forced to choose from the old style parties with sprinklings of new ideas. Not anymore my friends; now you can vote Green and get a whole slate full of new and improved ideas.

The other media thing I have going on is a personality questionnaire that will run in Thursday’s or Friday’s 24hr magazine. Check it out.


It’s time for the world to grow up. As any good parent knows, children have to be taught that hitting, kicking, screaming and bullying are not appropriate ways in which to get your way. Even harder to teach children is that they can’t always have it their way, sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to help the people we love or our neighbors. The skills of non-violent negotiation and the virtue of self sacrifice are lessons that the nations of the world have to learn in order for us to avoid a global “Lord of the flies” situation. We are lucky in that there are plenty of examples of people who used non-violent protest to great effect: Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Siddhartha, Jesus. If we could only have nations and governments that could act in this manner, we would avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict and bloodshed.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, if to treat all humans that we share the earth with as kin and really work to ensure that no one has to deal with poverty or starvation, then everyone will have a vested interest in protecting the society that we build, and armed conflict will become very rare. In today’s world, why would someone who has no food or clean water care about the destruction of a society that gave them nothing. In fact, they may have a vested interest in destroying the societal infrastructure that they see as oppressive.

Violence begets violence. Kindness begets kindness. It’s your choice.


At 9:08 PM, January 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool blog that you have going. Hope you win the election!

At 5:31 PM, January 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw your CPAC interview and wanted to increase your hits to 18. Blogging is so grassroots! What an ingenious way to campaign. i love it!

At 7:56 PM, January 07, 2006, Blogger Scott said...

Thanks CPAC guy, looks like your visit is helping out because we're up to 23 hits per day.


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