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This blog is meant to keep you up-to-date on Scott's Green Party campaign in the 2006 Canadian election in Burnaby-New Westminster. We want to start a dialog with the voters so that your voice can be heard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

33 days 'til election - progress with pamphlets!

Well, Matthew and I went through our first batch of pamphlets today -- just the generic Green Party ones, nothing custom done up yet.

Good response from the residents, they were all polite and friendly, even if it seemed we'd interrupted them.

We met this great guy, Cory, today who was born in the '20's in Norway and learned to dance the Tango in Argentina. Sounds like he's a staunch NDP supporter, but he still wished us luck on the campaign.

This riding has such a rich mixture of cultures and origins, I never really know what part of the world I will hear about when someone opens their door.

Here is a challenge for all those blog readers, tell me your most fantastic immigration story so that everyone can learn about how diverse our nation really is.

There will be more to come on this topic in future posts.


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