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Friday, December 23, 2005

31 days 'til election - "Agruably Unwinnable"

This campaign is yet another story of the underdog trying to get his voice heard. In Wednesday's Province, Ian Austin put it lightly by mentioning that I fight an "arguably unwinnable battle". At least he said "arguably".

This afternoon I had the opportunity to sit down with Epoch magazine's Jason Wang to talk about opportunities to get my message out. The magazine is a non-profit organization that is trying to raise awareness of human rights issues in China and throughout the world. What I was really impressed with was Jason's passion for his paper and his willingness to volunteer to get his voice heard. We are very lucky to live in a nation where people are allowed to voice their opinions.

This respect for each individuals voice is what I will work to protect by changing our electoral system to be proportionally representative. It's unfortunate that under our current electoral system, citizens feel that they have to vote for a party they don't particularily like just so that the party they fear doesn't get into power. We have to all work together and vote for what we believe if we want democracy to work in Canada.


At 11:53 AM, December 24, 2005, Blogger T.Janzen said...

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At 11:58 AM, December 24, 2005, Blogger T.Janzen said...

Well said. It time for reformation of our whole political system and a breaking down of the old-boys club in Ottawa.

Canada needs fresh "blood" and a more compassionate view of the diversity of Canadians.

I think the Green Party and candidates, like you, Scott will help Canada to get into the 21st century.

I wish the best in your campaign, Scott, and remember that this step maybe appear small now but it will become giant steps in the
future. Keep going walking, Scott.

At 2:16 AM, December 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every vote won means success for the future. Greens should be looking for a growth in votes to mean more funding down the road with the party getting more funding for every vote it receives.
No........ voting Green is not a wasted vote and all supporters of the other three parties who are concerned about the environment should strongly consider voting Green regardless of whether a riding is winnable or not.


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