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Monday, December 26, 2005

28 days 'til election - 4am Future Shop

Man, respect to those people who lined up at 7pm last night in order to be first in line this morning. Thank you to all the people I met in the line this morning, your ideas on how this country can be better were all great. I heard a lot of people say that the existing political system is not really working for them and that the other major parties don't really listen, or they just feed everyone a pretty line.

Well, I guess I'll try to do my part to change that trend. Here are my comments on what I heard from all of the lined up Future Shoppers:

"A flat [income] tax for everyone would be good."
I agree that this would be a fair way in which to tax everyone, and I think that moving in this direction would be positive because this type of tax will not punish people for earning more money. I feel that the right flat tax% should be zero. What I will work for is the elimination of income and corporate taxes (because you have worked for your money) and instead tax the use of our natural resources. This will reward efficient businesses who hire employees to manage their consumption and punish innefficient or wasteful business practices.

Labour is good, let's not tax it. Burning piles of trash is bad, let's tax it.

"West Coast Express [and other transit] is too expensive and/or inconvienient to provide an alternative to a car."
So true. There are a few things wrong with this situation:

1. Roads are subsidized entirely by our taxes so we can use them as much as we want for free, whereas a person has to pay each time they make the effort to take transit.

2. With the current insurance system, you have to drive your car as much as possible to get the best value for your dollar. There are no reduced rates for people who really try to reduce their driving.

3. Investment in public transit infrastructure is dwarfed by the amount of money spent on roads, we need new smarter transit systems to wean people off their car dependance.

The lady that made this comment also informed me about a really cool book "Divorce your Car" by Katie Alvord.

For all of you that I met in the line-up, let me know what deal you managed to find and if it was the one you wer looking for.


At 11:08 AM, January 03, 2006, Anonymous Lon Neufeld said...

Scott, you make some interesting points about our dependancy on automobiles. Cars have caused our cities to grow outwards thus further increasing our dependancy on them. In North American cities it is almost impossible to succeed in life without our own set of wheels.

However, buses, Cargo trucks, and emergency vehicles also use our roads and highways. As a taxpayer I don't mind my money being used for infrastructure, health care and government administration. These things all cost money, which we all have to pay for, and do pay for.

I am reluctant to accept the green party's goal of 0% personal and corporate taxes. The wealthy don't depend on natural resources to earn a living whereas many of the working class do. I see sole taxation of natural resources further widening the distribution of wealth.

Such drastic tax reform could also have negative economic consequences for Canada. Resource based companies would look for opportunities in countries that are less abundant in resources - this would cause more devastation to the world's ecosystem. Let's keep the power here and manage our resources properly - in order to do so we need to have a tax structure that fits into the global economy.

Changing things around will only create bureacracy and will not improve our lifestyle. The real problem is our high(and increasing) rate of taxes, which I feel is caused by poor management of government services. Getting control of ballooning health care would allow Canada to put more resources into technology that would make more efficient use of our natural resources.

What I'd really like to see this election is the current administation unseated(not because of their values but because of their culture). However, I'm truly considering giving my vote to the Greens in order to give them a louder voice.

Thanks for giving voters an opportunity to not waste their vote!


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