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Thursday, December 29, 2005

25 days 'til election - Business Cards and Ecological Wisdom

It took me almost the entire evening yesterday, but with the help of Jordan and Flo (Staples printing team) we managed to get some cards printed out so that more people can know that they have an alternative to the old school big three political parties. We also got some signs out to the constituents who requested them; thank you all for donating your lawn space!

Now for what you have all been waiting for... actual policy talk:

Over the next six days I will talk about the six green values:

1. Ecological Wisdom
2. Social Justice
3. Participatory Democracy
4. Non-Violence
5. Sustainability
6. Respect for Diversity

Today's talk will be on Ecological Wisdom.


To me, this value means that the human race must realize that we live in a planet with finite resources. Everything we have - our food, water, air, clothes, our homes and our bodies are derived from what is contained in this little blue sphere. This recognition will allow us all to put a value on resources that are seemingly abundant. For instance, in BC no one is really worried that we will run out of water, especially when it is raining outside. This resource seems to be in abundance here, but what would happen if our water could simply be sold to the highest bidder like the city of Las Vegas. We would very soon realize the scarcity and value of our water resources. There are thousands of examples like this where we as Canadians and especially British Columbians, take for granted the bounty of nature we enjoy. Waking up to the reality that even our resources are finite and building communities and lifestyles that are sustainable within the limits of the planet is what I call Ecological Wisdom.


At 12:03 PM, December 29, 2005, Anonymous Katherine said...

Hi Scott,

I'm a long time Green supporter and also a friend of Gord's. He directed me to your site. I tried to email you but the email link requires that you enter an email address (which you haven't provided). I also browsed through the comments and noticed that people are interested in specific policies and planning. Since there is a lot of information on the Green party website which I think is excellent, I would recommend linking to that from your blog. It would make a lot of sense:) I'll keep checking back! Good luck!

At 12:04 PM, December 29, 2005, Anonymous Katherine said...

Oh, you do have a link, my bad! Haha.

At 12:10 PM, December 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Green!


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